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2 Days Non Residential Workshop                                                                               3rd-4th July 2009, New Delhi

A powerful 2-day Training Program exclusively designed for Executives at Corporate Sector,
by Dr. G. Francis Xavier Ph.D, the innovator of the unique Memory Filing System.

Memory is the key factor for success at all levels of life. We operate our life, either  personal or professional,  with what we remember. All those who achieved something great and outstanding in life are the ones who tapped their mental potential to a considerable extent.

The modern world is flooded with  information overload. People with good memory alone can manage such information explosion. Memory is a skill dealing with continuous process of input and output on a day-to-day basis. As a skill, memory can be developed to a considerable extent  through proper training. There is no question of good or bad memory but only trained memory. An executive with information and memory management skill is a precious gift to any organizationThe main focus of this Workshop is to create such executives who can handle effectively information explosion with confidence and dexterity which will lead to improved productivity and profitability of any organization

Are you more dependent on notes when making a speech or presentation?

Do you find it hard to complete all your daily errands and keep every one of your business appointments without error?

Do you waste time searching for misplaced things, letters, memos and eyeglasses etc.?

Are there more occasions now when someone addresses you by name and you cannot recall his or hers?

Is it more difficult lately to quote prices, style numbers, interest rates and premiums?

Do you find your competitor/colleague as sharper and better than you?

Do you wish to give a galloping boost to your career ?

Or you Simply wish to take your learning ability to the next level?

Or you wish to grasp maximum from any training/learning activity that you undergo?

If you have  one or more yes responses, chances are you are not using your Potential memory Power. This, in turn, blocks the full measure of success and financial fulfillment you want and deserve- at home and at job.


The Workshop has two-fold objectives:


1.  To Boost Brainpower of the participants. Brain is physical which is the hardware of the human body. The aim is to activate and stimulate the left and right hemispheres of the brain for better productivity and creativity by offering several techniques


2. To develop Peak Mental Efficiency of the participants. Mind is functional which is the software of the human body, filled with memories of the past,  used to operate our personal and professional life, in the present, either effectively or otherwise. This workshop provides a variety of  tested and proven techniques,  drawn from the ancient wisdom of the East  and the modern investigative research of the West. The highlight of the Workshop is the introduction of the Memory Filing System, innovated by Dr. G. Francis Xavier, the facilitator of the Workshop


The workshop is ideally suitable for anyone and everyone.

Specifically, It will be of immense use to
- Marketing, Sales, Support, Admin and Customer care Professionals
- High potential persons  like- GMs, VPs, Directors, Partners, Proprietors etc Decision makers.
- Shareholders, Investors, & Creditors
- Bankers, Finance and Accounts Executives
- Middle and Senior level Executives across the organisations from all industries
- HR/Personnel dept. people, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, Process Improvement Teams, Business Unit Leaders, Engineers, Attorneys, Personnel from R&D, Product Development Teams, IT professionals etc,
- Corporate Trainers
- Anyone who wishes to excel in his career ( any field).


You are not born with any system as such for learning and storage of memory and its retrieval. This Workshop will   provide you Dr. Xaviers Memory Filing System which facilitates you to improve your memory phenomenally.


You as a participant can store any amount of information in a systematic manner and recall them at will when occasion demands.

Expect to get improved and quicker results in every area of your life.

You will be  amazed to experience the reproduction of three dozen unrelated objects in the same order, both forward and backward, on the very first session of this Workshop. This is an assurance.


Your can make your speeches and presentation without the aid of any paper or reference.


You will be offered a quick-fix technique to study and absorb any technical and non-fiction material with razor-sharp concentration, retain and reproduce the main points with ease and comfort helping you in your profession and hence the organization you work for.


Your capacity to remember names and faces will be so good that your interpersonal relationship will bring in better cooperation and support from your clients and customers.


You will learn 100-year calendar that could work as a time saving device, in addition to impress your colleagues and friends at your phenomenal memory.


You can register and reproduce 50-digit numbers, forward, backward and also at random, within ten minutes. This is Digital Meditation.


You will also learn other meditational techniques, to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability and engage in mindful behaviour.


You will be able to keep telephone numbers at your finger tips.


You will be surprised to see how you will be able to  conquer the pitfall of absentmindedness with simple and effective techniques.


Your concentration power is so good that you can effectively absorb information, facts and figures from any workshop, seminar and training program. Your grasping, learning and applying (implementing) capacity will immensely increase.


You can reproduce, Section by Section, any Legislative Act, such as the Companies Act of 1956, Income Tax Act of 1961 etc.  through the innovative device of the Memory Filing System.


You will learn and reproduce technical terms with ease and comfort.


Your  physical well being largely depends on your mental health. By improving your memory, your health and longevity will also be improved. People with good memory live long. It is an established scientific truth.

You will experience a paradigm shift in your mental attitude  from poor/normal memory to extraordinary memory.

You will be trained to control and direct your mind for better productivity and creativity


You will emerge as a person with tremendous confidence and courage to achieve something great and outstanding in your life and thereby attain supreme joy and happiness.


The techniques learnt can be applied to varied areas depending upon your need and profession.



Dr. Xavier has done his Doctoral Research on Self-improvement with special emphasis on Brainpower. He has innovated a powerful technique called Memory Filing System.


He holds two Masters Degree and in both secured First Class and Rank and Gold Medal. He received the Gold Medal at the hands of the Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister of India. He did his studies in management and Adult Education in Canada.


He has conducted his training programs in the metro cities of India and abroad: the USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania.


He is a voracious reader, Creative Thinker, Prolific Writer, Powerful Speaker and Effective Trainer. He has written number of books on subjects as varied as Memory, BrainPower, Self Improvement, Health, Stress Management, Palmistry, Encyclopedia of Financial Accounting etc.


 Dr. G. Francis Xavier is the pioneer of memory movement in India and regarded the father of the popular Memory Filing System Technique THE HINDU, dated July 16, 2001.


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Fee Structure:
Fee for 1 or 2 Participants @ Rs. 10000/- + 10.3% Service tax, per participant
Fee for a team of 3 or more Participants @ Rs.9000/- + 10.3% Service tax, per participant
Payment : In favour of 'Apexcels ' Payable at New Delhi

Hotel Parkland, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Timings :
10 AM - 5:30 PM ( Includes Lunch & Tea Breaks )

Some of the PARTICIPANTS (of our various other courses)

Degremont Ltd.

Panipat Refineries






JMC Projects


Lea Associates

PMC Projects

Ahluwalia Contracts

Delhi International Airport Ltd


Vatika Group

Unitech Group

Reliance Energy Ltd


Cushman & Wakefield


Louise Berger Group

Neuland Labs

Kalpa Taru Power

MGF Developments Ltd

GMR Group

DLF Laing O Rourke


Ansal API

Simplex Infrastructure

Vamshi Hydro Energies

BA Continuum Solutions



Reliance General Insurance

Ultratech Cement ltd

Punj Llyod

Oberoi Constructions

Max New York Life


Rajshree Cement

Vodafone Essar

Van Oord India

Pernod Ricard India

Lanco Group

Jubilant Energy

Simplex Infrastructure

Bharti Airtel

Agilent Technologies

Flakt (India)

GMR Group


Jindal Stainless

Johnson Matthey India

Tata Services Ltd

Ambadi Enterprises

Gati Ltd

Hindalco Industries ltd

Alstom Power

Halcrow Consultants ltd

Shapoorji Pallonji


Registration is available of first-cum-first serve basis. Please click here to download the Nomination form

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